Tweening Integration

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 7 months ago • updated by RainExplorer 1 month ago 7

Provide deep integration with a popular tweening library, probably Demigiant's awesome DOTween 2. Units should be easy to setup and able to asynchronously wait for a tween to finish.

In the mean time, extension methods are supported, but deeper integration could provide significantly better UX.


Question, you say that extension methods are supported, how so? I tried creating an extension method for one of my types and it didn't show up, neither did creating an extension method for Vector3. I'd really appreciate this feature as I enjoy fluent interfaces.

I like this idea. Tweening is essential, especially for UI animations, where we plan on using Bolt extensively.

Go to Unit Options Wizard and in Type Options, include a new Type: ShortcutExtentions and/or ShortcutExtentionsPro ( if you have PRO Version ). All extentions methods will apears !

I don't see how extension methods of DOTween work in this context. Yes, I have added ShortcutExtensions to the types and I can see it in the graph editor, but once I select one of the functions, it simply creates a unit saying that the reflection failed and it couldn't find the member. Any ideas?

As a side note, the reflection fails completely when simply creating the node using right clicking and searching for the file. If one then sets the same method to be called on that node in the graph inspector window, it will actually show the correct method, but it will still be impossible to set the this-parameter of the extension method.

Please create a separate bug report with the error log!

Hi, any tutorials to get DOTween shortcut? because i always failed...

However, when will Dotween Integration be ready ? thanks a lot in advance....