I found "Nottorus" files inside "Bolt" Plagiarism?

vinilly 4 years ago updated by ylluminate 4 years ago 18

 I just want to know why are they using code from a different Virtual Script editor? Plagiarism?  

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Can you post a pic of what and where you found anything related to Nottorus? Do you Own Nottorus? If you do, after Bolt install you would indeed be able to access certain parts of it.

^ this, guessing if Bolt has integration with Nottorus or vice versa you'd find some files like that. I can't find any files containing Nottorus in the name, in a fresh install from today. Some more info from /u/vinilly on where/what was found would be great though.

It was in the comment bubbles when you hold "ctr" and bugged out for a second and in the file "Nottorus" appeared. So I copied Nottorus and pasted it on Google to see where it took me, and took me back to Unity and I found the Nottorus editor.

For now just looks like the comment bubbles are copied over. But I can only imagine what else? 

Vinilly, none of that makes any sense.  What do you mean comment bubbles? Where? Post links and pics of what you are talking about. Do you own Bolt? Do you own Nottorus?

Comment bubbles? Are you referring to Groups? Or are you referring to something else? Comment bubbles don't exist in Bolt, see here.

I've never seen text pop up when creating a Group (with the control key down). If that's what you were doing and what you say is true, reproduce the bug and make a recording of it to share here. Otherwise what you're claiming is unsubstantiated.

Also, although I've never used Nottorus, looking at the Asset store listing it doesn't appear to even have a comment bubble feature. It was even requested (and ignored) on their forums here.

Are you by chance running a cracked/pirated version of Bolt, or Unity, or Nottorus?

Yes Groups, I don't know why I called them comments.

Cool. Reproduce the bug and record it, I suggest OBS if you don't already have screen-recording software installed.


I don't want to say exactly as I know there will be a fix, I like this Nottorus finger print here so the can exam the files.  To maybe see the proof before you guys erase. 


1. A fix wouldn't be able to erase any proof until you ran the Update Wizard, Ludiq doesn't have remote access to client machines.

2. "You guys"? Seriously? We're both community members that have nothing to do with authoring the plugin. Look at the banner at the top, the single developer Lazlo is off for the holidays. We couldn't erase it even if we wanted to. Believe me, if Bolt was plagiarized I would very much want to expose that because it's unethical AF. But I'm approaching your claims with a healthy dose of skepticism because you haven't provided a shred of proof.

Heck if you're still worried about discussing the bug publically, shoot me a PM so I can reproduce it myself. Be sure to include which version of Bolt and Unity you are running (because I'm at the very latest for both).


Vinilly, we would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your are just new to Bolt and possibly confused. If you post pics or link to what you are referring to we can assist. 

However, if you are attempting to slander Lazlo and Bolt or make baseless claims, as you have provided no evidence, tread lightly as you are entering into potentially legal  ground and your question could and should, have bee sent privately to the dev Lazlo.

As I mentioned previously, if you own Bolt and Nottorus and have them both installed you could see Nottorus scripts, DLL's etc in Bolt, so, once again I will ask, do you own both?

I'm guessing that `Vinilly has checked both plugins.

On Unity, Bolt review he says "de-compiled the code searching for answers, and crossed referenced both plugins. "

This would suggest that he has found code from Nottorus in the Bolt product. He doesn't need to provide proof, the developer needs to get the question answered.

I am only interested as I was looking at Bolt and saw the review Vinilly wrote. In light of this, I would like  to see a statement from the developer on this issue also. Please refrain from threats of legal action or slander it doesn't help with the issue at hand and is pointless until the dev has responded. I guess for those of you who have Bolt you could also follow what Vinilly says he has done and cross reference for nottorus yourself?


Actually I'm guessing vinilly hasn't crossed references both plugins, because he has said nothing of the sort in this thread and I feel like that should have been the first or second thing he mentioned, no?

His review on the Asset store only makes me more skeptical of his claim. Why's he saying one thing there and another story here?

>He doesn't need to provide proof, the developer needs to get the question answered.

Yes he very much does. Let's say for the sake of argument Lazlo stole from Nattorus - why would him chiming in to say "No guys don't worry I didn't steal, this guy is lying" make a difference? Would you seriously think that's all good and move on? No! You'd see if Vinilly has proof or not - we're just skipping ahead to that step lol.

>you could also follow what Vinilly says he has done and cross reference for nottorus yourself?

Why would I waste the time/effort decompiling Bolt and reading through thousands of lines of code when vinilly could simply tell us how and where he found the references? It'd save me hours I'm guessing. Until he gives us literally anything (a screen recording, a screenshot, a simple text explanation here or via PM) I am simply going to assume he's trolling for some stupid reason and will not waste my time.


BTW before Vinilly or anyone else goes apeshit if the Asset Store review gets taken down, nobody from Bolt/Ludiq did anything to make that happen. Just now I myself flagged it as "Misleading" (because it is) and cited this thread for the Unity folks to read if needed.

Alan, for starters, no threat was made or implied. Vinilly made an accusation in PUBLIC that could be taken in a derogatory manner so he should in fact provide proof as he did so in public. This matter could have easily been addressed to the Dev in private, that my friend is the issue. Lazlo no doubt will have an answer assuming what  Vinilly implied is true.


"So I copied Nottorus and pasted it on Google to see where it took me, and took me back to Unity and I found the Nottorus editor."

"When I was looking at the "Grouping" I noticed Nottorus appeared in the name I then de-compiled the code searching for answers, and crossed referenced both plugins."

It is very doubtful. So you paid 120 $ just to cross references ? 

I just downloaded source pack of Bolt, I did not find any mention of Nottorus in the solution. Searched with visual studio, in every single line of Bolt at once. So you claiming that you saw "nottorus" appearing on making a group is really doubtful. 


Hi Vinilly,

As I answered on your asset store review, I can assure you that Bolt's code is 100% proprietary. All third-party libraries are used under license and are properly listed under the Acknowledgements tab in the About window. 

I do not understand from your post why you think there is any "plagiarism" or copyright infringement related to Nottorus, however it is simply untrue. Nottorus is closed source, but Bolt is "open" source (for users), so you are free to download the full Bolt source from the builds page and verify for yourself. 

If you have both Nottorus and Bolt in your project, Bolt may of course pickup some classes and namespaces from Nottorus in its unit options database -- like it would for any third-party plugin or custom script. If you see items grouped under "Nottorus" in the fuzzy finder, it simply means that Bolt analyzed your project and found Nottorus in it. As soon as you remove Nottorus from the project and rebuild the unit database, these options would disappear.

In light of this, I ask you to please update your review to remove these misleading accusations.

After all of this "heavy" discussion, I'm curious how Bolt actually compares to Nottorus? 

Nottorus says that it's robust enough to build Nottorus in Nottorus. Is Bolt the same or similar in design goals, etc?

Any solid reviews or side-by-side comparisons of functionality a la the comparison page?