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Any State transitions to multiple states at the same time

Eric Welwood 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

It's hard to reproduce but occasionally I get into a situation where the any state caused 2 states to be active at the same time.

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Hi Eric,

Please send me a small test project/scene where the issue is isolated! Either remove the Bolt asset from the zip or send it via a private ticket.

(Bolt version 1.3.0.  All transitions are triggered by keyboard-down of the shown letter)

This graph will generate a multi-state on pressing A or D, and collapse into mono-state by pressing X.  The issue appears to be the AnyState node only tracking what it has transitions to.

** Work Around ** : By adding an empty, non-triggered transition between the Any State and the Start state will cause the Start state to Exit correctly.


That's a different issue, but we plan to fix it in Bolt 2. Basically, Any State will then recursively exit any state in its network instead of just its directly connected states.