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AOT + AssetBundles + Bolt

Никита Решетников 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3 1 duplicate

Can't get assetbundles with embed Bolt flow machines on prefabs working on iOS, while working good on Android.

Engine code is being stripped on build, and although graph itself is loaded, it can't find referenced engine methods (simple Mathf functions for example)

Adding UnityEngine assembly to link.xml didn't help

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Engine or Bolt generated code is stripped though? Engine code stripping is turned off..

Getting errors like "Failed to reflect member unity 'Mathf.PerlinNoise'. Has your codebase changed?"

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Welcome to the community! Sorry you're having this issue.

Android is a little different IIRC, because it uses an actual .NET runtime, not IL2CPP.

This is odd because the link.xml file should already be generated with all your assembly options to prevent stripping.

Can you send me a small test project (without the Bolt asset) in which I can reproduce this easily?