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Can the compiling speed increase?

Sanket Varia 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

I know its a bit technical thing and since bolt is a visual script which takes lots of time in background to process all its node into script and then compiling it, it takes time. I know its impossible perhaps to solve this, but as a general idea. Can its speed increase? Seriously i mean you too know that after pressing play button it takes a lot time to fire things off. I was thinking what if the bolt prepares itself first like caching and when we press play button it only needs initiation but most of the heavy stuffs already done before to decrease compile time. Now i am not a technical guy but let me explain this way.  What happens everytime while pressing play button is that bolt does all the compile work and stuffs again and again when play button is pressed. What if bolt does all that only once and remembers it but just do not fires that untill play button is pressed and whenever a node is changed it will require to recompile once.

Now this is just my idea. IDK from inside how bolt runs and works probably its already working the way i said, I just was thinking if the speed of compile increase.

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Hi Sanket,

I'm sorry you're having a long pause before entering play mode. How many seconds are we talking about here?

Bolt already does a lot of caching to make everything faster. However, when you enter play mode, what happens in Unity is that assemblies are reloaded, meaning that any C# cache gets completely cleared. There is no other way than to rebuild it, unfortunately. Bolt tries to do this as efficiently as possible, but there's always room for improvement.

It takes 7 seconds complete for simulations to work completely. 6 seconds for it to start.  hence 7 sec in total. after 6 sec unity starts its simulation but for 1 sec it lags and then it gets stable. simulation lags not unity btw.

I'm not sure what you mean by "simulation" as opposed to "starting". However, rest assured that these delays are much shorter on built games and that the 1 sec lag on start is only editor-related (loading things in the background). 

If this is a serious recurring issue for you, please send me a project in private with the long loading times, I can look into what's causing the delay more precisely.