Multi-Object Editing?

John Joseph 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

Just out of curiosity, how do you guys get get around the lack of multi-object editing? In some cases macros or prefabs are OK, but when my graphs use references to other game objects in the scene then it all falls apart... Take this example.

Suppose I have a cube that I want to flash some color on collision as well as advance a scene-wide collision counter by some amount. The two interesting variables here are the color I flash and how much I advance by.

If I make one cube then this is easily done with a flow graph, and all interesting variables (color and advance amount) can live within the graph.

However, suppose I duplicate the cube four times and then decide to change the flash color. I can no longer edit it within the graph without changing four unique graphs. I could fix this issue with a macro or prefab, but in doing so I lose the ability to reference the scene-wide collision counter from within the graph - macros and prefabs seem to work best within the confines of a single game object.

Macros can work provided I store anything I care to mess with in the global scene variables, but at that point I'm relying heavily on hardcoded strings. I could make enums, but then I'm writing scene specific code that may not be useful elsewhere. Doing both will surely cause my hair to fall out - the former because any typo can screw me, and the latter because I know have a bunch scripts with questionable utility.

TL;DR Is there a good way to create a reusable flow graph that elegantly accesses

  1. Data belonging the the game object the graph lives in (easy)
  2. Data belonging to other game objects in the scene (difficult)


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