Rigidbody Movement

SARDON 4 years ago updated by Maximos Newbern 9 months ago 4

I have this simple code i would like to implement, but after tried "everything" i can't seem to get it to work.

This is a simple rigidbody movement using the input axis (vertical/horizontal).

This is the code

Then i just add the rigidbody to an capsule and the code runs fine, you can move the character using up/down/left/right keys.

When trying to do the same with bolt, my character gets stuck and can't move.

The character moves by 1 unity and then return to the center.

This is the setup of the variables

This is the movement of the character

Can someone help me find where the problem is? Thanks

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I think I see it. For your input into the Move Position unit, here's what you're sending in

(CurrentPosition + Velocity) * timeDelta

when you actually want

CurrentPosition + (Velocity * timeDelta)

So I think moving around the multiple and add units will get you what you want.

can I get a visual of what you are saying?

You are right! It works now. Thanks