Ability to change human readable and programmer readable any time after import

Sanket Varia 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 9

After importing if someone wants to go from human to program readable just to understand code in  a better this thing will come handy. Its not a major idea but it will make a difference.

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It is already added as an option in 1.2.2, Tools/Ludiq/Editor preferences.

Nope i don't see it. where exactly is it in editor preferences? What is the name of the option?

Sorry, not at my computer at the moment. What version of Bolt do you have? Once you go to path I posted its the 1st option I believe. 

This is what you would see in 1.2.2 but you could always just run setup again and choose as well.

Idk what verison i am having, Just purchased it on 5th december and i am right now using programmer readable and i am not getting this Human naming option.

1.2.2 was released on 12/6/1217 so you probably are on 1.2.1. Go to Tools/Ludiq or Bolt and ABOUT, it will show you, or just check the asset store for the update.

As you are not seeing what I showed you, good bet you are on the earlier version.

Ah... Yes Yes... My mistake. My version is 1.2.1, I updated it right now.