Can anybody tell me how do i convert this code to flow graph?

Sanket Varia 4 years ago 0

private int myOrder;

private Transform head;

void Start(){

head = GameObject.FindFameObjectWithTaf("Player").gameObject.transform;
for(int i = 0; i < head.GetComponent,SnakeMovement>().bodyParts.Count; i++){
    if(fameObject == head.GetComponent<SnakeMovement>().bodyParts[i].gameObject){
        myOrder = i;


SnakeMovement is a C# script attached to head gameobject. and that script has a variable like this:

public List<Transform> bodyParts = new List<Transform>();

And that's it nothing else is done in snakemovement script. So i want anyone first to explain me what is that 'count' in line in for loop.

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