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Tryz 4 years ago updated by gamesfan 4 years ago 5

Does Bolt includes all source code (C#)?

With assets like this, I like looking at the raw code and learning. Thanks.

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No, it's all dll. But you can download ILSpy and look around at the C# dlls. Nothing wrong with that. All of it will be available in the future, when Lazlo can figure out a good way to distribute the API. This comes directly from him and it is how I learned it. The native C++ core functionality is off limits, but almost all of what you actually use, the meat, is in the C# API. It's all the same functionality Lazlo uses to build this plugin how it is, it's extremely powerful.

Hi Jason,  can you post a quick “how to”, for the ilSpy decompilation?

So easy, download it. Open it. Open a dll. Now there is a whole list of all functions, classes, and methods that pertain to it. That's it.

Thanks will check that