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Can't add new (Graph) variables or edit existing ones

Nanda 4 years ago updated by Boris Vitazek 4 years ago 6

I am experiencing an issue where I can't add a new (Graph) variable.
When typing I noticed the 'New variable Name' text didn't disappear and
when I tried to add a new variable, I got a popup saying 'Please enter a
variable name', even though I did enter the name for my variable. (I'm not sure if this helps, but I'm trying to add the variable while editing the (empty) 'Start' (which I renamed to 'At Spawn') state graph. Here's a gif illustrating my problem:

I also noticed something else. When I try to edit another state in the same state graph, called 'Chase', I can't add any new variables at all, nor can I edit existing variables except for the first one:

Thanks for your help!

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Hm, it feels like maybe the graph window widget is being updated way too often for some reason.

What happens if you dock the window?

Also, do you have any third-party plugin that might affect this? Does this happen on a clean install in a fresh project?

I undocked it for the purpose of making the gif, but was having the issue prior to that. However, after restarting Unity the problem disappeared. It happened a few times before, though (in two separate projects), so I am not sure what is causing the issue. As for plugins, I use Odin, ConsoleE and Hierarchy Pro.

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I suspect it might have to do with Hierarchy Pro.

Basically, the variables widget gets updated ("rebuilt") on these events:

  • Selection Changed
  • Project Window Changed
  • Hierarchy Window Changed
  • On Enter Play Mode
  • On Enter Edit Mode
  • Graph Context Changed 

If hierarchy pro "updates" the hierarchy at every editor frame, this means the variable widget will keep getting destroyed/recreated, which is what you may be seeing as an issue.

If you ever encounter the same issue, try disabling Hierarchy Pro and see if it helps. If that is the cause, I suggest contacting the author of that plugin to mention that it triggers the event too often which causes issues with other plugins like Bolt.

Marking as Cannot Reproduce for now, but feel free to comment again if you find the cause!

Nanda, I have Hierarchy Pro as well, go into it's options pane and turn it off, see if the error continues. I was seeing some oddities myself and thought it may be from it as well but they stopped before I could pinpoint them. Are you using the latest Hierarchy Pro version, he updates the asset faster then Lazlo and that is saying a lot, ha.

Same here. I have the same problem if you add variables from Variables windows. but you can add very well on inspector windows. I don't have Odin or Hierarchy Pro. My other assets are Stan Asset (Google Mobile Ads) and Text Mesh Pro. Even though I restart my unity. The problem occurs. Also docking and undocking doesn't help. 


I have the same problem, for me the asset called stylizer is causing the issue, its pixel effect on Main Camera. As soon as i disable it, I can add new variable.