Switch bug?

George Ananchenko 4 years ago updated by Hasan Al Salman (Community Manager) 2 years ago 4

Where is options?
Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
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Hi George,

Sorry you're having this issue.

I noticed a similar problem a while back (settings disappearing from the graph inspector) but I can't see to reproduce it now. Can you send the graph in which you get this bug? (Or tell me the steps to create one that reproduces it)

Hi, I bought Bolt recently and I got this bug, only switch that works is the Switch Enum.

Any fixes?

Bolt Version: 1.4.7
Unity Version: 2018.4.9f1, 2019.2.6f1
Platform(s): PC, Android
Scriptim Runtime Version: .NET 4.x Equivalent
Scripting Backend: Mono
NET Version (API Compatibility Level): .NET 4.x and .NET Standard 2.0

My Fault!
Need to add the option in Graph Inspector not direct in the unit in the graph