Graph lock persistance when entering play mode

Ed WonWon 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 12 1 duplicate

The lock on the top left corner of the graph view does not behave as expected.

Right now, if you press Play in the editor, it will stop showing the graph, forcing you to re-select the game object with the State Machine component. In addition you have to keep the game object selected to watch the state machine in action. This forces a constant loop of finding your state machine in the scene, selecting it. Then hitting play, finding it again, selecting it, etc... 

What I want is constant persistence through all editor Play / Edit modes, and I only want to select the game object once, hit the lock, and then not have to worry about it ever again, always seeing the graph updating in the window if the game is playing.

For us this is especially relevant as we only have one State Machine (the main A.I. character) that we need to see, ever. Once again checkout the Apex Utility AI plugin for a great example of good graph lock functionality.

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another note, forcing selection to view the graph affects performance in our case (because selecting the a.i. character shows gizmos, meshes, etc.. slowing down editor performance)

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I'll look into it, but it's actually complicated to get it to work as you describe, because there is no real persistence across edit mode objects and play mode objects (they get deleted and recreated entirely).


I, too, would like this feature. 

When I'm refining a flow graph within a state graph, I want it to remain on-screen when I start/stop the simulation. Right now, it boots me back to top level, and I'm having to dive back to the level I was working in every time. It's annoying.  Thanks.

agreed, this is a huge issue when doing it 10,000 times a day. I know other state machine / utility AI systems are capable of doing this

Perhaps you (ludiq dev) could store the last state of the UI in a scriptable object asset before entering/exiting play mode?


I can see the importance of this. I'll switch it to planned and see what I can do.

Agreed. I would love this too. Getting kicked out is annoying and seems to contradict any sort of realtime visual feedback (unless I'm missing something). 

I see the "lock" button. I thought it would resolve this but it doesn't seem to work as I'd expect. 

Its my first day using bolt (I really like it so far) but this issue added to a general unpredictable/buggy feeling after coming from other visual scripting tools where your current logic persists on screen.

That said, it is my first time on the forums and it's so refreshing to see feedback actively being shared and considered. Thanks!!

Completed (Unreleased)

This is finally happppennninnnng! (Video from 1.4:)


Great, but it would be useful, if the open state would receive its own icon:

just to add: I´m a new user(really pleased about Bolt, great work so far!), and that was one of the features i´m missing and somewhere read about the ability to lock and then saw this locking switch, but was rather confused that its not doing anything, until I stumbled over this entry...