ArgumentException: Duplicate control output

George Ananchenko 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 13
I had created this switch already, but something happend and it gone, as connections.
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Tride to delete Calculate native resulotion and created new one

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Hi George,

Sorry you're having this issue.

This seems rather related to a serialization problem.

In your second screenshot, there are two UnityException mentioning that GetBool is called during deserialization, which is forbidden. This is probably what is causing the connections to disappear. Can you paste the full log for these errors?

I have provided the graph above, which cause exception. Also there was period of time at which I didn't getting this error. Maybe it had happened before i have updated on the last version of Bolt.

Sorry, I forgot how to reproduce that error.

Cannot Reproduce

Will mark this as cannot reproduce for now. Feel free to comment if you ever encounter the same error (with the log!).



For now I have only error like on the last screenshot.


The problem not in loosing connections. The problem is I can't us switch enum with runtime platform enum.

Working on Fix

Oh, oops! You're right, was just able to confirm. Looking at the issue now.

Fixed in Alpha

Will be fixed in next version (1.2.3). Had to do with obsolete items & duplicates names for the same value.