Is there any whay to save Super State as .asset, which I have created in flow graph to reuse it in a new flow graph?

George Ananchenko 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4
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Only as a Macro, not embedded. In the inspector you would click on convert, give it a name and it becomes a Macro that will be saved as an asset. Take a look here, https://support.ludiq.io/forums/4-bolt-manual/topics/138-graphs-machines-macros/

I'm not get how.
It seems like I do something wrong. But how correct?


You want to reuse the "fggg" unit? 

Instead of switching the source, click "Convert" next to the source dropdown. Then, choose a path where to save the macro. You will then be able to drag & drop this macro in new graphs.

Oooh! Yes, thank you!! Sorry it was super unobvious to me. :)
Thanks for the quick reply.