First Person 3D rigidbody controller

Kevin Alfano 4 years ago updated by Swim Tunes 3 years ago 1


- Programmable input buttons

- dedicated variables persist after game is closed, allowing for user set inputs (to be coded in future in GUI)

- Jump, Gravity, and Run enabled

- Screen Lock Toggle

Default Variables and settings:

Screen Lock Toggle Button = Tab

HorizontalSensitivity =   float(10)

VerticalSenesitivity =  float(10)

RightKey =  KeyCode(D)

LeftKey =  KeyCode(A)

ForwardKey =  KeyCode(S)

RunKey  = KeyCode(Left Shift)

JumpKey = KeyCode(Space)

RunSpeed = float(20)

WalkSpeed = float(12)

BackwardSpeed = float(8)

StrafeSpeed = float(8)

JumpSpeed = float(15)

Gravity = float(25)


Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

I am quite new with using bolt, I would like to analyze this flow graph you have created so I can figure out how to create my own controllers. When applying the RB main to my character, it seems to only allow me to press TAB, and look side to side, but I am unable to look up or down, and none of the movements seem to be working.

I probably seem quite unintelligent in the matter, but if you could point me in the right direction, It would be much appreciated.

Also, the character I am applying it to is a parent capsule collider, with a camera child, and a graphics child that acts as the playermodel. I also tried adding a rigidbody component to the parent, but still obtain the same results.

Another thing to note, In the RBMain flow, the mouselook super unit turns red once initiating the play button.