In ubuntu Bolt, can not use the fuzzy finder function to enter characters.

Hyunchul Lim 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 11

In ubuntu, an error occurs. I can not use the fuzzy finder function because I can not type anything by pressing the keyboard. It is very inconvenient to use only the mouse.

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Could you paste the error log you get in the console when the error happens?

Something does not indicate an error message.

The error is that I can not enter any letters, when I try to use the fuzzy finder.

No warning nor error in the console?

Does the search field get "focused" (i.e. a little cursor bar on the left?)

I don't have Ubuntu installed on one of my machines at the moment, it could be hard to debug unless I know where it comes from.

Of course, The search field got 'foucused'. And I can see little cursor but it did not blink.

One more thing: I can not use the shift key in the Flow Graph, so I need to press Caps Lock to type in capital letters. This inconvenience can withstand, but the fuzzy finder is very serious problem.

This is a separate issue, but it's already fixed in v.1.2.1 (waiting for asset store approval).

I think I found something now. When I press the keyboard while holding down the left mouse button on the search area, the characters are entered. I can use a fuzzy finder like this for a while!

Ok, I'm glad you found a workaround. I'll keep this open and look into it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will be happy to wait until the problem is fixed. Bolt is the most favorite tool I've ever bought.

Fixed in Alpha

Hi Hyunchul,

In v.1.2.4, I implemented the fix suggested by the Unity Technologies developer "Tak" on this forum thread:


Hopefully, along with various input code refactor, this should help fixing your issue. Unfortunately I don't have Ubuntu installed at the moment to easily test, but please let me know if the issue persists after the next version!