search for unit types within state machine

Ed WonWon 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

from a top level state machine, I want to have a search bar that I can type in the names of types, state names, etc... that would then show any reference to units of that type within that state machine/flow graph and any sub states/sub flow graphs it contains

This would be sort of like the fuzzy finder, but instead of searching for types to create, it's searching for type instances or references that already exist in this scope

I imagine that as you type, a list of references pops up below it, and you can arrow down and select those references and instantly jump to them.

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this would be really useful for cases where you changed the way some method works (for example added a new parameter to a method) had re-generated the unit database, and now want to go in and set that parameter to it's specifc setting at all of it's different locations within your state machine

there's probably a ton of ways a search like this could be useful as well, like searching for missing references after you've changed a method name