Bolt Extensions

Jöran Malek 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

Sometimes we all need some functionality which is neither built into Unity nor provided by Bolt. We could write this ourselves but why reinvent the wheel if theres someone who already did this?

So I'll introduce my Bolt Extensions available for everyone.


  • Put AliveDevil.Bolt.Extensions.dll into Assemblies\ directory
  • Put AliveDevil.Bolt.Extensions.Editor.dll into Assemblies\Editor directory
  • Setup your Unit Options to include AliveDevil.Bolt.Extensions

Currently available nodes

Switch on Type

Determines Input type and continues flow on selected port.

String Format

Formats String according to your format


Maps a given ranged scalar to new range

This is work in progress and I do not have time to distribute the sourcecode or provide support.

Feature requests are welcomed.


Please do not redistribute, share or mirror somewhere else.

Upcoming Features

  • Format-Specifier
  • "Extrapolate Time" (like Per Second, just other way around)
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