Can Bolt work with my current code (scriptableobjects and structs/classes)?

Zyme 4 years ago updated by JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago 1

I have been working on a project that uses scriptable objects, I have classes, import data from JSON etc.

I tried making a FSM, but grew tired of the nesting FSM and debugging aspect and I want a visual flow for my FSMs, so I am looking for a visual scripting tool to do this for me.

Can Bolt work with my current scripts and especially scriptable objects and only handle the FSM parts I need?

Or do I need to redo my entire project using Bolt?

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Yes it handles scriptable objects just fine. Have a couple going myself. MonoBehaviours are automatically added and usable, C# Dll's just need to be generate and added in the menu, as well as any non MonoBehaviours. Which you just add the type, then everything inside can be used each as it's own node with auto filling ports based on if it's a return, out, type, ect. The whole nested Flow Machines and State Machines, can be done from anywhere and everywhere.

You really can do as little as you want. Though, since you can code, the API is huge (Just undocumented at this moment), and you can do anything you want if you use it, if you are into tailoring the experience to your own needs.  You can make anything you have created into a compact node with switchable ports, custom inspectors, property drawers, control flows, states, and the like. It is the most useful plugin I have bought. Or you just stitch together already layed out MonoBehaviours. It's all good.