Can i import all class from assembby without choose one by one?

isnani widhi hidayat 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

Hei guys and Ludiq, Iam tired choosing type class one by one, can i do more simple??

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Hi Isnani, welcome to the community! :)

Currently there is no way of doing that. Are you sure you need every type from an assembly (including all structs, interfaces, nested types, etc.?) What is your use case here?

This has been bugging me too. Every time you have to go up to bolts update wizard, every time choose again you’re preferred naming system, the click to the next screen, then look first for what you need and then wait until everything generates again, which can take minutes each time.

How would this be done in C#? Wouldn’t we not just use the keyword using in the header? And the have every type available that we might or might not need?

It would be ok, If it did not have to regenerate everything each time, just add that what we need to the list.


This will be solved by optimizing the unit database generation and providing an incremental change detection, which should be much faster. Closing.