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Harriz0nb 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Bolt looks like a great product.  However I want to know if it is going to work for my immediate needs.  I have a level with many video players.  Each video player is playing a gif on loop as a video file.  I have reached a capacity where it slows my game down too much.  They are integral to the idea of the game.  I want to: 

A) Activate the video player when I step onto an object and deactivate it when I step off.  

B) The videos could be activated when I come within "x" distance of the "video player".  

Is this something create within bolt?

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Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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Hi Harriz0nb!

That's definitely possible. You could create an invisible trigger sphere collider around the area you want to act as a delimiter, then use the On Trigger Enter and On Trigger Exit events in Bolt to enable and disable the video player components.

Hi Lazio,

That is amazing news.  At first glance it seems to have dramatically improved performance.  I will be exploring this further today.  

Thank you for a great product.