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Hello! I don't know where to start, I've already done tutorial and manual. 

I am trying to make connection, get JSON from server, parse it and then work inside application with this data. I already have such monobehavior, but now I want to try it with BOLT.

1) I've watched fuzzy, but didn't find any WWW/JSON related nodes here. Is it possible to use it via BOLT?

2) I've watched BOLT classes trying to make my own Unit from script, but it is too hard for me without documentation. 

3) I've tryed to create MonoBehaviour, and call this functions in graph, but for some reasone BOLT do not serialize my methods, tho it is public void with no params.

So is it any way to implement what I want via BOLT? 

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Hi Shoo! Welcome to the community :)

Have you tried adding the types and assemblies you would like to use for WWW/JSON in the Unit Options Wizard? (Tools > Bolt > Unit Options Wizard...).

UnityEngine.WWW and UnityEngine.JSON aren't there by default, but you can always add them in.

Regarding #3, after modifying your code to add new methods, you should regenerate unit options, either through the wizard or through Tools > Bolt > Update Unit Options (skips the wizard and keeps the same settings).