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Julien Vulliet 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 9


got 2 issues when using copy/paste.

First it doesn't always work (this is generally happening when a single unit is connected, in case more than one are it's generally ok). This is not consistent so I can't really give an exact repro step, but selecting a single unit and Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V tends to make it happen at some point)

Second, it would be nice if paste location would depend on the cursor (map cursor to top left of selection rectangle). Pasting in center of the viewport does not make too much sense.



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Hi Julien,

Can you please send me reproducible steps for when it "doesn't work"?

Note that some units / states support pasting "into" one another, so Copy+Pasting the same unit will actually do "nothing". In these cases, if you just want to duplicate, hit Ctrl+D instead.

I'll experiment with pasting at cursor position, see if it feels intuitive.

Agree, use Ctrl-D when copying / cloning a unit.

I have similar problems: if there is a node with a "group" around it and I activate both, then press copy & paste on keyboard to make a copy ... then the node is elsewhere (half or completly out of the group box.)

I think, this is only since the latest version.


Does this happen every time to do Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V with a group and node?

Yes. But I made a small test. The thing is. If I do c

opy, and then paste it multiple times I can see where the problem is. The node always pastes on the same spot (with a small offset.) ... while the position of the group window depends on the panning of the graph. So its always positioned in the middle of the window. :-)

Working on Fix

I see, I'll look into the discrepancy.

Fixed in Next Version

Fixed for 1.4.0f5. The offending behaviour here is actually the unit widget which doesn't get centered to the canvas area on Ctrl+V (the group behaves correctly).

If you want to paste "in place", you can use Ctrl+D or Context Menu > Duplicate.