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Start event works only in the first Flow machine script.

Артём Фесуненко 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 11

Why does the start event not work in the second Flow machine script?

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Should work. When checking your variables, are you absolutely sure you aren't still on the macro from in the projects folder? Because if you click on edit graph on the object itself at runtime, you'll see the instance of everything in the machine.

Make sure you have values turned on. If you do already, then you are not on the instance. Because I see no values showing up on the graph wires.

Yes, I am sure. Moreover - on another object, which also has several flow machines - the start event does not work every time you start the play mode.

I just did your macro how you showed it here, works fine every single time. Must be something else going on. I made two flow graphs both with starts, and setting an int with a trigger before, and nothing wrong. What exactly are you trying to attempt? Maybe there is something you don't have visuals here for us to see, that is the real culprit.

I do not understand why this happens, but I can not work because of these bugs with the start events...

We need more information about what else you are doing, not just this picture, because it isn't very telling where the error might be coming from. This is not a bug, as start does work. If it is indeed a bug, it's because you are doing something else no one even knows you are doing. If you can share more, or upload a scene and macros for it that are the culprit, i'll look into it. Everything you showed does work when I tried it, every time.

Unfortunately - I can not throw you the whole project. But I'm not doing anything that would prevent these scripts from working. They just work as they want. They want to - play the start event, do not want - do not play. At different sites in different ways. On objects where there is only one script of the flow machine, everything works perfectly. As soon as I hang up a few scripts, problems begin.

Do you need start?  Could you use "On Enter State" in the meantime?

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I'm not able to reproduce this. I just tested 2 flow machines on the same object with a start event on both and they both fire.

Can you show me the graph for Mutant Health and the graph for Mutant Growth?

Note that Start does not work in State Machines. In these, you should use On Enter State instead.