Import C# code into Bolt?

PeterA 4 years ago updated by Trance Emerson 4 years ago 4

I'm new to Bolt and would like to know if there are any documents or videos describing how to import external C# code into Bolt, so that it is converted into nodes? If there isn't any documentation or videos on how to do this, could someone explain how this can be done (if it is possible)?

Thank you in advance!


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Documentation hasn't been updated just yet to reflect the change, but first go up to Tools > Bolt > Unit Options Wizard. This is where you will add your classes/types. If your C# script is NOT inherited from MonoBehaviour, after you select human or programming terms, add the Assembly Namespace for that script. If it is MonoBehvaiour, you can skip that step. Go into Types for any type you wish to use, and add them. Then generate. Now it should be searchable and usable anywhere.

Thank you! :-)

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