Need help getting SteamVR (w/ Oculus) input trigger to do a raycast and check for hit info item

Sean Maxwell 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

I have an Oculus and I'm using the touch controls with Steam VR.  I'm trying to do a raycast from a gun that checks for a specific tagged target.  I found this thread:


But it didn't help me with the Oculus integration part.  I have been trying SteamVR and OVR unit integrations but have had no success.  Anybody able to help?

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Hi Sean,

I recently starting using Bolt within our VR pipeline and have had issues with Steam VR integration as well.  Did you ever solve this? Or anyone else have a solution?


I made a lot VR stuff with playmaker and now also with bolt. 

Im using VRTK from the asset store. It has like every function you can think of and all of them are working nicely within bolt.

Hello Elin! You seem incredibly knowledgeable on using Bolt with SteamVR/VRTK and I am wondering if you might be available to chat about how you have managed to make it all work? I have used Playmaker successfully in the past, but am having a hard time getting Bolt to cooperate with the Vive. You would be my hero! :)

Oh! Very cool. I'll have to check that out. Thanks.

sorry for the delay on following up to this thread.. I have found some success with using VRTK with Bolt.  I may be able to help with some specifics if you provide me with details on what you're trying.  Please note that VRTK has been discontinued though.