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Animation event bug ?

Kesha 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 6

Animation event and Fixed update not working in super unit. bolt ver 1.1.2

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I can't reproduce this on my machine here. Can you send me a simple test scene with your graph?

This feature doesn't seem to work indeed. Here's the test scene where you can play around. 

Also I don't have the TriggerAnimationEvent (AnimationEvent) function available for some reason.

Tried testing this using a different animation and added event data in the Events section, still no luck.


To display a list of methods (including Machine.TriggerAnimationEvent), you need to select the object that owns the animator component, not the animation asset itself.

Not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but I have selected the game object on the hierarchy and then the event in the animation window - result was the same.


There is no flow machine or state machine attached to that object, so you can't trigger any animation event.