Graph Window - cant drag connectors passed selected units - they get stuck

beefSupreme 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

Hi - firstly what a fantastic tool Bolt is - it really is first class stuff which I'm enjoying a lot.

But - I keep getting this issue when dragging connectors to units - when dragging the connector passed a unit that is selected (blue border) the connector/mouse pointer gets stuck to the unit and starts moving it around. Then on release of the mouse button the Fuzzy Finder opens, but the unit is still 'held' and moving the mouse to the graph edges scrolls the window. 

This only happens when keeping the left mouse button held to drag to the connector, rather than single clicking each node. 

Here's a GIF...

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Fixed in Alpha

Hi Beef Supreme! Thanks for the kind words & welcome to the community. :)

This bug appears to be related to this one, and since I fixed it, it seems to fix this one too: http://support.ludiq.io/forums/5-bolt/topics/595-selection-tool-activating-when-right-clicking-for-a-unit/

Fix will be included in the next version.


Cheers - I did think it might be related but wanted to flag it anyway just in case the cause/fix was different.