Create a Discord for Bolt users to communicate with each-other / Bolt team

Oliver 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 14

Hey there,

It would be nice to have a Discord server dedicated to Bolt users, so we can swap ideas, help each-other and talk to the development team.

I could create a Discord to do this, but I tend to think it is often better for the community owners to do so. This lets them curate more specifically. 

No worries if this doesn't jive with your social outreach goals.

On the off chance you don't know about Discord, it is a very popular freely hosted chat/voip client that exists on the web and has a native app on pretty much every platform. Discord

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I've thought about it, and it would be a fun way to interact quickly. My only concern is about issue tracking: if bugs get reported or ideas get submitted through the Discord channel, it's nearly impossible for me to keep track of them. This is why the community is very useful: each bug, idea and question is logged with a completion status, allowing me to use it as a todo list to work quickly.

If it's clear in the MOTD or something like that that all bugs/ideas must be sent to the forum otherwise they won't get fixed/implemented, then a Discord channel could work. What do you all think?


Hey there,

Having a bot that directs people to submitting a bug/idea by inputting a command like !bug/!idea really helps with the redirection of issues. When someone in the chat says hey I have a bug, you just type !bug and it displays a guide to submitting a bug. Having some clear guidelines would help as well. You just don't accept bug reports on the Discord, you use the !bug command to tell them how to submit a bug, etc. That'd be my way of ensuring all issues remain here on this tracker/forum.

This would be great, I'm sure there's already bots out there that have the functionality but here's a guide to create custom commands such as this.

If I member like Oliver is willing to run and maintain it I say go for it. You could pop in and help real time as time permits of course but this way you will not be obligated to split your focus and time.

This assumes I have the time to admin the Discord and I am often pretty swamped, so it would likely be a shared responsibility.

I am a big fan of Discord so if he thinks it's a good idea I am all for it.

I'd be happy to help


I'm working on a discord server for us, wrote a simple bot etc. Will post a link when it is a bit more fleshed out.

For those of you who want to come help me set it up: Server

Just joined, we'll see how that goes! Thanks for setting it up. :)

Once you're ready to have more people join on in, you can pin the Discord somewhere. Depends on how visible you want it to be! I have already seen it be useful, people asking good little questions that would likely just clog up the forums here.


Added a little banner on the home page for now:

Yay! Perfect, I am sure it will be able to help solve little issues, like the one about start not working :p