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Bryon 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 5

When I first import Bolt into my project I do not get the Setup Wizard popup so I looked it up on the documentation and it said to open it manually from the tools menu, but when I went back into Unity, I realized there was NO tools menu. How can I fix this?

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Hi Bryon! Welcome to the community :) 

Sorry you're having this issue. If there is no Tools menu, it means Bolt didn't import properly at all. 

Do you have Bolt DLLs under Assets/Plugins/Assemblies?

Also note that your project has to be able to compile without errors for the tools menu to appear the first time.

Thank you for getting back so fast! That is good customer service. But I looked and I couldn't find any DDLs in Assemblies. What does this mean if I don't have them?


It means you probably didn't import Bolt entirely. Try re-downloading and re-importing from the Asset Store window, and make sure everything is checked in the import dialog: