fuzzy finder not finding "get material"

Brian Lindahl 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 8

Not the brightest script writer. Just following a tutorial and Fuzzy Finder is not pulling up any material options, such as, "get material"... Is this a Unity or Bolt but? Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

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Try just typing "Material".  Im assuming you are looking for material literal.

If you are not a decent coder you may want to consider changing the fuzzy finder to Human Naming. If you are following Lazlos 2d tutorial, he used Human Naming  

If you are trying to convert a unity tutorial to bolt stick with Programmer Naming. 

thanks for the replies. I am using human naming but just not getting material to show up for a selection. above is what I am seeing.

Here is what the Youtube Video Shows... and even when looking for color you can find Material options... But I am not getting that... I am curious if I did something poorly with my latest unity install. 

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Are you using Unity 2017.2? As reported on many topics in the community, there’s currently a bug with missing units in .2+; all you need to do to fix it is add more Unity assemblies to your options and regenerate the unit database.

Ok... I will do that. There are quiet a few, is it best just add them all?

I would suggest adding only what you need.


You can add everything under UnityEngine. Adding more should not cause bloat or performance issues.