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I'm having trouble accessing Animator.shortNameHash method in Bolt.

The goal is to get the current animation state info like i'm doing it right now in a script below.

AnimatorStateInfo currentState = animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0);

if (currentState.shortNameHash == Animator.StringToHash ("Idle")) {

     animStateInfo = "Idle";


I would appreciate any advice on how to do that in a Flow Graph and/or a solution.



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Must not have added the type is my guess. If you are on 2017.2, Goto Tools > Bolt > Unit Options Wizard. Set your name type, and in assemblies add UnityEngine.AnimationModule. Then in types, add Animator. Then you should be able to find it.

#Edit: Just saw another post to fix my answer.

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Yes, adding AnimationModule (assembly) + AnimatorStateInfo (type) is the way to go.

I'll add AnimatorStateInfo to the default types in the next version and give it a pretty icon too.