Wait Unit Icons Missing

JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 6

List icon is there but doesn't appear on the units themselves, in the list of those types, like below.

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Does that persist even if you restart Unity?

Just checked, yes it is the same after restarting Unity.

Cannot Reproduce

The wait unit icons are found included in the package, I just checked. They should be under: Editor Default Resources/Bolt.Flow/Icons/Type/WaitUnit@[16/32]x.png 

Can you try re-importing the package from the store and making sure every item is checked? Then restart Unity.

Fixed in Alpha

Oh, importing the latest version from the store seems to fail to rename the textures if they already exist in your project, weird... Just rename YieldInstructionUnit PNG files in that folder to WaitUnit in the mean time. I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen anymore in the future...

Okay excellent thank you! Will do.