How to make an integration?

Hasan Bayat 4 years ago updated by JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago 4


How do i integrate my asset with Bolt?

I have a save system and i want to integrate it with Bolt Visual Scripting.

Any help is appreciated.


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If it's a monobehaviour, simply Tools>Bolt>Update Unit Options.  Should show up automatically.

If it's a plugin or standard class, Tools>Bolt>Unit Options Wizard.  Add the assemblies in assemblies, and the types in types.  Cheers!

I don't have Bolt asset, can i have it for making the Integration with my own asset?

It would be awesome to let me make the integration by providing the asset to me.

This is my asset: Save Game Pro

Also, does the API and integration generated automatically by these simple steps?


The integration is automatic. No need for Bolt to have it work. Whatever you make will just work, if it's not monobehaviour, the user just needed to add the type in the options. The API Documentation will be coming in the future, which I think you should be able to make more native units that are stylized to your asset. With own icons, fuzzy finder placement, and more I believe.