Is it possible?

Radioactive Bullfrog 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 5

This is probably a very dumb newbie question.

Is it possible to import existing C# scripts into Bolt and edit them visually? If so, to what extent and would there be any limitations?

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No editing C# Scripts visually, but the nodes import easily and properly. You just needed to add the class type and any c# changes are shown after it saves. 

I am asking because I am debating between this and another tool that is twice the price. However the other tool can both import and parse a C# script perfectly as well as save in C#.

I'm not new to coding, but I am fairly new to C#. My problem is that I am disabled and cannot type. As such, I need the tool that allows me the most flexibility. I would like it to be Bolt. But only if it does what I need, or will do it in the near future.


That is true, and I debated that exact same question as you. To me, that other one, that is one of its main pluses. In the end I chose Bolt. By price, and the UI, and he got me with his awesome branding.  Unfortunately no parsing, but fortunately it is for a reason. Live editing "code". You can literally play your game, edit it while you or someone are playing everything you are editing. Populating the changes on the fly.

Boy, am I glad I did get Bolt, though. Now I am well versed in C# at this point, at almost 7 years. So the concepts made sense to me. But I am a visual person, an artist and am extremely slow at programming. Just became really bored with programming, I guess. Though I didn't know Bolts structure entirely. The more I learned, the more it became more than just a simple plugin to me. This is an absolute need in my opinion. I turned a game framework I have been making for about 8 months, into almost exclusive bolt code in just 2. That's from not knowing anything about Bolt to now. I actually think I made every part about my game better, because i can read what is going on better, and be more precise.

The UI, ease of product flow, and readability I think are one of the highest things on Lazlos (Developer) list. You can tell because it pretty much feels like butter. I've tried Blueprints, and about 2-3 others here with Unity.. This is hands down in a league of its own. Its just different I guess. It is so simple and easy to make modular systems, Nest everything practically. The event system is great too.  Read the Roadmap, it's littered with stuff all about making the experience of just using the product easier. And updates are often.

Readability with nesting is my favoooorite part. Makes things so easy to understand what is going on. State machine, or flow inception. You can nest a lot. I have a few nodes that go 3-4 nests deep just so I know what is going on, and where it is happening.

That's my thoughts on why it was absolutely worth the buy. It is my favorite plugin now and most useful by far.  Hope what I have said helps you decide. Is there any specific aspect about it that you want to know about that's a make or break?


I very much appreciate your input. The creator does a good job of selling his product. You do a better job. ;-)


Just to confirm: Jason is right, Bolt cannot parse C# files to convert them into graphs.