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gamesfan 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 7

Can the connections be marked as inactive/active? So, if I want to disconnect some flows temporarily, the connection will remain  there but grayed out, so perhaps with a right click and deactivate option.

Sometimes the flows are complex and need to where to connect and reconnect. 


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Suggested it myself. He declined it for now but will be adding breakpoints that should help. So for now, all we can really do is remove the proper connection temporarily.

well, hopefully Lazlo will give another chance to this idea :)

breakpoints... yeah definitely also needed


This suggestion is actually slightly different than yours William, and I think it's easier to implement. Basically, instead of disabling groups of units as you were suggesting, we could disable the incoming control connection. This would require:

  • Making the connection selectable
  • Adding a checkbox in the connection inspector (Active, default true)
  • Check if the connection is active when passing control flow

Making the connection selectable is the biggest part of this and implies reworking the connection workflow, so I'll put this in the roadmap at v.1.3 (Connections).

True. I did not specifically say connections but that would be the overall intent in any case. So being able to enable/disable the connection would give the desired outcome. ALL good to me. Ha. 

Great!! Thanks


Completed in v.2.0.0a4.