basic UI Events

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Nice examples! Gives a good overview of the events! :) 

very nice. If I could have your graphs I'd make a YouTube video.

I think you just need the scenes.
Try this: Tutorial Scenes

If it is not working i can make a package

Hi Elin and thanks for the scenes. I get the graphs but of course then no Materials but that doesn’t matter as all I needed was the graphs. I don’t think you should make a package, as that would then include Bolt and I am sure Lazlo doesn’t want Bolt in downloadable packages.

Could you also post the scene for your Make 2D tutorial as well.

【basic】Make a 2D Platform Game by Bolt

Thanks Elin

The tut link you posted above is actually from Fox Kim. 

You may not have noticed, Lazlo finished his as well. 


This is awesome, great jerb


Here you can download the canvas prefab.
After merging it into your scene you have to break the prefab instance to set your Object with a playable director as object variable on the canvas.

Nicely done Elin. 

Thanks Elin, but now you just have a prefab without a scene. In your last download I got also the scene and it works fine after importing cinemachine.

If you want to know how to export packages properly, then watch a quick video I made for you.


If you don’t want to watch the video, then just read the comments.