How to do Between 20 and 50 true between 60 and 90 false

eagleeyez 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 12
How to do Between 20 and 50 true between 60 and 90 false

In Playmaker I have a between action, so how do I do this in Bolt without millions of units?


Between 20 and 50 = True

Between 60 and 90 =  false

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Maybe there's a between node, but in any case you can make your own "between" thing pretty easily. I will post a screenshot of a graph in a few minutes.

Value Between Graph with bool resultValue Between Graph with bool result

Value Between Graph with flowValue Between Graph with flowExample usageExample usage

Dont forget to convert them to macros.

Also the version that uses flow can make use of the "Value Between" macro if you want to, so things are a little more tidy / less code duplication :)

Oh thanks, I didn't think about making macros. Well I think more of these basic macros should at some point start getting added to bolt. That makes sence to build up a library of useful quick bits.

That is part of why Lazlo created the Macro section. As we create them, share them. Not sure he'd be inclined to create any but never hurts to ask.


Maybe the most popular macros should be added to bolt by default. Or bolt could download them when starting. (In the far future when there's time for stuff like that of course haha)

I feel like there will be a few dozen basic macros that people will quickly upvote / reuse tons of times, and then there will be a saturation reached really quickly. In the end it would help beginners getting started more easily.

I'd gladly contribute all sorts of reusable macros (when they make sense ofc) / help people with examples.

Thanks William. InBetween would be a good start for a new macro.

Oh, everyone can post macros there? I was under the impression that only "approved" stuff shows up there. Alright I'll upload the two macros I have posted above.

edit: nope, can't upload files there.

That's a bug. of some sort. Functionality is there, but seems not to show up for us non admins. You can always upload to somewhere like Dropbox. Or if you really don't want to sign up, I could host it on my server temporarily. 

We definitely need more macros.


I'm vaguely starting to think about a built-in macro distribution/sharing system, somehow like Playmaker's ECOSystem, but it's at the very early research stages (probably not in Bolt v.1). In the mean time, I haven't been able to toggle a switch for user uploads, so yes, Dropbox or other file sharing services have to be used for the forum.

We have already made Lazlo aware. He is looking into how and if it can be arranged on this platform for us. But yeah, Dropbox is a simple free option 

Thumbs up from me, that sounds good for the long term as who wants to keep reinventing the wheel?

I would rather have the wheels at hand and then build a new car.