FloatTo - DOTween Wrapper

JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago updated by David Ronai 12 months ago 14

This is a DOTween wrapper to allow the working of float tweening in Bolt. You can use the ShortcutExtensions that come with DOTween if you want to do other types.

This includes the basic Float To which simply creates the tween and keeps track of it. It does not play or wait. Then there is the new to version 1.1, Float To Routine. Which has a start, started, and complete branches of control. This one will start automatically upon entering. 

Download v1.2.0 (Bolt 1.4.0+ Compatible)

Download v1.1.2 (Bolt 1.2.1 - 1.3.0 Only)
(Credits to forum member 'aspy')

Download v1.1.1 (Bolt 1.2.1 - 1.3.0 Only)

Download v1.1 (Bolt Previous to 1.2.1)

Download v1.0 (Bolt Previous to 1.2.1)

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Updated to version 1.1 Now has a Float To Routine for automatic handling of a tween. It will play automatically.. I didn't see anything actually broken after all. Though I suspect it might of been confusing that a tween doesn't just play. You can add different outs if you want from the float to into the routine for more customization if you need. 

Thanks for these neat units Jason. FloatTo works fine for me but FloatToRoutine doesn't. When I look at the graph nothing is connected up. I've tried re-building and turning Unity off and on again. Any other suggestions to get it to work?

That's strange. Because if FloatTo works, that should work. That unit is  a FloatTo  that's broken.

Right, makes sense. I added the FloatTo super unit and hooked it all up and it's working fine now. Odd that it imported like that though. Thanks.

Glad it's working. Very weird, I'll try to have anything inside embedded next time incase the import process is causing a hiccup. Also there is a typo i just noticed on ease type you might want to fix incase I update again. I'm going to upload those fixes for anyone who downloads this now so they don't go through this.

Uploaded v1.1.1 with the fixed name typo on Ease Type. Changed the Float To that lays in Float To Routine, to embed, to hopefully better aid in any breaks in the unit upon import. Something weird was going on there.

Updated to v1.1.2 -

Added Update to Float To Routine as well as "On" name scheme for the outputs. **This was all done by forum member "aspy". Thank you! ** 

I've downloaded 1.1.2 but it still has the typos and the FloatToRoutine was still broken in the same way. The folder says FloatTo_1_1_2 but maybe the files included are the outdated units?

I'll check, not at computer right now, but I opened both zips on my phone to see file difference. The newest one is a different size (larger) than the previous, so it's definitely not the same file. Might have included aspys' version prior, give me an hour to go on and check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

no problem - btw, the other DOTween unit set that was recently uploaded--TweenOptions lost its macro links too when I imported it, so I think the breakages are an issue with the way bolt imports macros perhaps.


Gotcha, I swore, as long as it was in your project (plugin, DOTween in this case), it would maintain it's connection without being added as a type or assembly. Used to for me I thought.

Do you have DOTween setup in the wizard before you imported the macros? Could be not finding type on import. If not, do that. DELETE the macros, and reimport. If you did, then I think it's something on Bolts end. 

Link has been fixed with proper version. Looks like it didn't update the zip properly when replacing the original file inside. All good now!

UPDATE - FloatTo v1.2.0

This version is compatible with 1.4.0+


Hi, the download link is down, can you re-upload it ? thanks in advance !