C# variabels in Bolt, Easier to use and to understand

Isak Thjellesen 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Easier to use and understand C# variabels in Bolt
I personally have a hard time to understand how I can get variables in to Bolt form a C# script.
I think it would be a lot easier and more intuitive, if you could set up variables in/by the Bolt Explorer.
1.Select add variables in the Bolt Explorer.
2.Select you C# script.
3.Select you var from list over var available in the script
4.When you need to use it, then drag it out to the graph, like all other variabels in Bolt.

Nice to have..
1.Warning if the script is not added in the extractor.
2.Button to fast add the script to the extractor and install it.
3.Button to  reload/refresh the script

The functionality of the variables in Bolt should be exactly like if you have used the fussy finder to search and add the C# var.

Bolt Version:
Bolt 2
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