refund please

Carson Heyman 2 years ago updated by tomaszGlapa 2 years ago 2

Hello, I would like a refund. It's not because your product is bad, I love it. It's a very nice product but I don't think it is best for me because I feel that it is easier to just program for me. Since I got bolt after learning a little c# it was frustrating and difficult to change so I just started programming myself again. Therefore I have no use for the product, but I do have to say it is a great plugin. Can I get a refund?

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I'd like to have a refund too.

I've contacted the owner 4 days ago on unity with no response so far. 

Where and who to contact to have a refund is not really that clear for bolt.

I hope we can have a solution for that matter.

Thanks everyone.

hi all 

I'd like to  have a refund to similar reasons  guys