Horizontal Scrolling for mousepad/mouse support

Brin 2 years ago 0
I primarily code on my laptop and one of the things I noticed is that bolt does not work the best with a mousepad.
The "unity" control scheme is decent but as it allows vertical scrolling along the graph, however it is very hard to navigate the graph due to the lack of "middle mouse click and drag". I would ask if it is possible to implement the support for horizontal scrolling (scrolling left/right on the mouse pad) to move left/right along the graph in the same way that you can use vertcial scrolling to move up/down along the graph.

This would have the added benefit of being useful mice with horizontal scroll wheels. I have on at home that I use for design work and video editing and it seems a bit silly that I can not use the horizontal scroll to move across the graph horizontally. I understand that Bolt 1 has priority on only fixing bugs so if this is too big of an endeavour I would ask if it could at least be supported in bolt 2.

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