How To Get the Main Camera in Macro

Markus 4 years ago updated by eagleeyez 4 years ago 5


I had an embed flow graph (in a State Machine), in which I used the the Main Camera successfully.  However with a macro, I cannot get the main camera.  

I can get the Main Camera Game Object with "Find Game Objects", but this will not connect to the "Screen to World Point" input for the camera. I also cannot find a conversion. 

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Hi Markus, welcome to the community!

Have you tried the Camera: Get Main unit?

Thanks, much appreciated. 

No, I could not find it. I tried: Camera, Get Camera, Main Camera, Camera Main. The problem is that Search/(fuzzy finder) is very specific is in order and spelling of words to find,  in this case its is only "main" or "get main". Is there any plans to improve the the search facility in future?  

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Markus, which naming convention are you using? Human? If so change to programming or vice versa and see if that helps. 


Yes, I'm aware and it will be improved with true approximate string matching in the future. 


String matching gets a big thumbs up from me.