How to achieve hot update of AB package in APP without AOT pre-build On IOS

Rhys 2 years ago 0

  I am a Bolt paid user, I want to use Bolt do some prefabs can interact in Unity, made it an AssetBundle package , downloaded and loading it in my APP , but it has no interaction, bolt script on it not running. I studied it and found out, flowmacro I used can only put in my APP and click AOT pre - build, so I download in the APP before loading the AseetBundle package to be able to run, if I can't change the situation,I can only put the flowmacro I used into the Unity project and click AOT pre-build to republish the APP every time after I finished the prefab.This obviously doesn't work.What I need is to hot-update my prefabrication.If this problem is not solved, I will reluctantly give up Bolt.

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.NET Standard 2.0