Fuzzy Finder will not open when zoomed out

gamesfan 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 28 3 duplicates


when right click on the graph the fuzzy finder will not pop up, unless the zoom is 1x

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That  is a known issue on Mac  and Lazlo  is looking into it.

Any update on this ?

Doubt we'll hear much on this right now. It has no effect on Bolt, other then a minor hiccup to the workflow itself. This is a Unity bug though, not Bolt.  Either a workaround needs to be created, or Unity needs to actually do something about it. Which from an old report I found when I first started, they don't find urgent enough to fix right now.

just wanted to say it also happen on Windows. I use W10 and have the same issue.

Pending Review

This is indeed related to several Unity bugs with the GUI matrix that they have decided not too fix.

Basically, many pointer calculations are wrong when the GUI matrix scale is not 1.

I understand however that for this specific action, it's very annoying. When I have some time I'll try to see if I can find a decent workaround.

I'll take a keyboard shortcut any day. Shift-A works great in Blender... Still, good to know what's up here.


Planned  for 1.0.5. Considering how quickly  Lazlo is pushing updates not long at all. 


Check the roadmap. 

Did you zoom out?  There is a bug with Unity and third party plugins that makes right clicking not work when not zoomed in 100%.

Working on Fix

It does seem like you're zoomed out, preventing the fuzzy finder from opening.

I am working on a workaround to allow it even when zoomed out, hopefully should be done soon.

Can you add the option to dock the fuzzy finder window? in settings perhaps so we can have both options. Right click to show and/or visible always with option to dock it somewhere 

yeah i just encounter same problem when i zoom out cant add anything, then zoom in cant add anything

Are you sure you're at 100% 1x zoom?

great asset by the way

ARG sry, f**d that up. Here is my question:

I created a new project and a flow graph which works without problem. But after i run it, the toolbox context menu doesn't show up. It only does that in that one flow macine, other FMs in that scene still work. I don't get any errors and i can still move everything. Only the menu is missing in that one FM. Closing and reopening didn't help. What am i doing wrong?

This is the Flow graph:

Hi, are you on zoom level 0? Other way, it won't open the toolbox.

Okay, that seemed to be the problem, i was on 0.9 scale. Is that supposed like that? It's not very intuitive, so i assume it's some technical limitation?

Read the posts above. It's a known Unity limitation but Lazlo is working on a solution.

Did that. sry, my original post was merged with this one, so i was unaware.


Ha. All good. Lazlo likes things nice and tidy. 

Fixed in Alpha

I'm happy to announce that this will finally be fixed in the next version :)

And there was rejoicing heard throughout the land. Ha. 

You sir are a gentleman.

This will save all starting users (like myself) quite some frustration! Thanx!