Platformer Tutorial

norbert.duenki 1 year ago updated by matthiaspokorny 1 year ago 4

Your platform tutorial is very good, I learned a lot when working through it carefully! I would like to thank the Bolt team very much.
I would like to point out an error. As a beginner, it took me a lot of time to find it. Perhaps you can make a correction in your tutorial. Thank you very much!


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AHHHHH! I could kiss you! I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why this wasn't working properly. THANK YOU!


Hi Ludiq, where can I download the Unity setup project for this tutorial?

Thanks in advance


Was stuck for hours, thanks man!

Would recommend to extend the title with "edge detection looping", "patrol issue" or just "Enemies & AI" - just to make it easier to find for other victims :)

Talking about this great tutorial. I have been working it through, starting to implement a few things of my own. Is it just me, or is it that coroutine in combination with wait units doesn´t seem to work in the state machine? It would be great to have a bolt tutorial where "Coroutine" and wait units get explained in greater detail. Or can anybody else push me into the right direction?