Bolt is so fun!I finish flayppy bird so easy…but still have some question

Fox Kin 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I am  new indie game maker

Not familiar with c #  or unityScript

by bolt, made a flayppy bird  so quick 

This tool is more suitable for me than playmaker.  

thanks your guys!

but the tutoria for bolt  only a few

even i dont konw     “how to use the state machine”   

and i think my flow was too complex

wish will get more tutoria  for Basics,like playmaker


the explanation of functions 

thank you very much!

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Hey Fox Kin, outstanding job.  Check out the tutorial section, not much there yet but Lazlo and a few of us are working on some. 

Oddly enough by using bolt you are in fact learning C# and Unity API so can gather quite a bit of info on functions, methods etc right from Unitys own docs. 

You may want to create your own tuturoal based on the Flappy game as I'm sure many would benefit. 

Welcome aboard. 


thanks for reply 

I will make a simple tutorial  for flappy game by bolt , tomorrow

and wish I can learn well about C# and Unity API