mouse right click to copy, paste, delete, etc

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how can I make the basic functions for editing components in graph available?

When I desing my graph normally using mouse to draw, reposition, make connections, etc, however some basic editing functions are not available for mouse, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, etc,

Also. Are we receiving answers by email when posting into the forum?


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Take  a look here for currently implemented keyboard and mouse usage/shortcuts  


If you joined the forum and provided a email you should get a response to anything you post and can read it there or follow the link right back to it here. Lazlo or another member will be happy to answer. I would also encourage you to review his excellent documentation. 

Thanks for answering William, I found this forum very active and like it a lot. 

What I am looking for is a mouse implementation for the editing options, like a mouse right click over a unit, group, connection, etc. and a list of available editing options will popup i.e. Cut, Copy, Delete, etc


It's undocumented, but you can hold Alt + Right Click to bring up the standard context menu in a flow graph.

Hello Lazlo, does that work in Mac as well? it is not working for me, I am using Mac OS X Sierra

Hello , any word on this?


Look here, 

Shortcuts & Keybindings When in the graph window, there are two Control Schemes that determine how to pan and zoom. You can configure your control scheme in Tools > Ludiq > Editor Preferences... > Graphs. By default, it is set to Unreal. If you have a trackpad, try changing that setting to Unity. This will make navigating the graph with easier with to fingers. 

If it's set to go Unreal try Unity and see if that helps. 

Hello, tried that and did not work.

Still not able to fix this issue

Please help thanks 

Yep. Tried myself and also on a Mac. No luck.  If I recall correctly I was able to make it work when in a state graph though. I'll have to confirm.

While you can simply right click on a state machine to bring up options for starting state or transitions, Alt Right click does not bring up anything related to copy/paste. 


Had to change some shortcuts, but this should be fixed in next version.

In flow graphs, bringing up the context menu will be Shift+RMB, instead of Alt+RMB, which lost focus instantly for some reason (I believe it's a Unity bug/quirk). 

I also added contextual menus to widgets themselves:

That is Gr8...!!!

Hi Lazlo, I thought the solution would be to right mouse button only to bring the context menu without using a combination of keys. 

If I did that, you'd have to use a combination of keys to pop up the fuzzy finder; it's one or the other. Holding Shift isn't so much to ask I think ;)

I could look into making that an option in the future.

so that means I need to put down my cup of coffee ☕️ press some keys and grab it again... just kidding  

Keep the good work, bolt is looking better and better 

Pending Review

Good argument, thinking of the "single-handed workflow" is important indeed. I'll re-open this until the option is added.


Damn. I knew I should have used the coffee analogy when I suggested similar. Ha.

coffee is always a good argument! Thanks Lazlo 

Mine is intravenous. Ha. 

Add Unit context menu will be added to the next version:

Configurable right click behavior from the preferences window: