Unity Message Listener blocks proper trickling of UGUI events in hierarchies

Ming-Shiuan Yu 11 months ago updated by Ex-Crow 7 months ago 5

Unity Message Listener causes problem when dragging on a button in Scroll Rect UI

Hi, I create a UI about Scroll Rect and many button under viewport. 

I use "On Button Click" to check click event in flow graph.

When enter play mode. "Unity Message Listener" component add automatically and causes can not drag the panel if press on the button.

Disable Unity Message Listener will fix that problem.

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.NET 4.x

Hi Ming-Shiuan Yu,

Sorry about this issue and thanks for the report.

It seems that because the Message Listener implements GUI event handlers, Unity does not run its default implementation. I'll have to research how to let the events forward to Unity; I'm not sure how to do that at the moment.

This issue is also present in my production project and another user on the Discord server had troubles with it as well. Specifically a parent object blocking child object On Pointer Click events or a child object blocking parent's On Drop events. So a fix for this would be highly appreciated. 

Any update on the issue?

Wow... this is still happening to me. The exact same problem. Any tip?